Workflowwe are the most effective team to reach your goals at your target group

Please forget all hotchpotch about the obsolete advertising network system. Last 10 years during the transformation of digital media, we reduced the complicated system methods and developed an unique talented people motivation management. We built effective, multifunctional, small teams to reach the closest and the most relevant way to engage your audiences.  We transform brands, build businesses, increase your sales. From the first step of our collaboration we guarantee the success.

DivisionsDuring the growth of advertising industry we have built 4 pronounced subdivisions

To grow successfully, businesses need to do more than keep up — they must predict future trends and anticipate the evolution of the technological landscape. The divisions team at Friendly enables companies to understand user needs, embrace new technology and get innovative products and services to market faster. We create real products and deliver measurable results. Whether companies need to reorganize talent, resources and infrastructure or build them from the ground up, our team provides pragmatic digital and operational support throughout the strategy’s implementation and execution. We combine technology, creativity and resourcefulness.
Creative + Strategy
We evaluate existing customer interactions, performance metrics, data and capabilities to create a strategy for the new experience a company wishes to provide its customers. All customer touchpoints, from digital to in-store to phone, are considered.
Art + Film Production
Our film production division has more than 10 full-time employees and more than 10 years of experience. We specialize in commercials, music videos, corporate and PR films, documentaries, branded content especially for all social channels.
We believe in organic, indirect content spreading. In the last 8 years we have collected more than 500 bloggers, vloggers, instagram and snapchat partners to build real visibility and own our unique media chanel what we call RELEVAD.
TechLAB Monsters
From 2011 we are collaborating with many factories.In 2015 we opened our office in Hong Kong.Now we have wide range of experience in product invention. Our team are dedicated to support client demands. So we invented special smart products for sales support, in several industries.


Friendly brings a truly global dimension, we are already present in 3 countries. Offering a firsthand look at China’s design, technology, and commerce innovations. Friendly Hong Kong enables brands to discover their product and service vision through the lens of the latest developments in Asia’s tech industry.
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