Drogerie Markt Raffle ticket campaign


Our task was to create a video-focused campaign for the nation-wide, retro-themed raffle ticket campaign of DM in february 2014, which builds up the mechanism of the campaign in sales-and image promoting way.


We made a video in which shopping turns into DM raffle tickets turn into prizes, this way presenting the mechanism of the campaign. The whole movie was build up of one scene: we used a 30 meters length special setting in a studio. It was both distributed in cinemas and online, while it’s message was emphasised by banners, citylights, billboards and print advertisements.

Campaign element: online videos, Facebook app and ads, online seeding and buzz.


The campaign was originally planned for 4 weeks, however, DM ran out of stocks of tickets in the first 2 weeks. More than 12.000 new page likes on Facebook, more than 170.000 views on Youtube.