A real gamer’s face with Zoltan Mucsi


576 KByte is the biggest videogame company in Hungary. They are selling games for 25 years and have already sold 4 million product. Our main task was increase XBOX brand awareness through their sales partner (576KByte) with unique local viral video content.

But the problem is nowadays most of the gamers are using Adblocker. How can we reach them with an online sales promoter video then? Moreover how can we activate them to share our video?


With relevant content! We believe in the power of the memes and organic video sharing. That’s why we chose Zoltan Mucsi who is one of the favourite youtube celebrity, actor, and comedian in Hungary. Every content and videos, which is connected to him, have high ratings and a strong viral value. Through him we could have showed the typical, fanatic gamer’s reactions for each well knowed games like FIFA, Call of Duty or HALO5 in an entertaining, original viral video.


The bomb has exploded! We had more than 400 000 views on You Tube, 10 000 sharing moreover in 2015 our campaign was one of the most successful You Tube campaign.