ProfilPimp - Do you need a new profile pic?


Tradition and coolness? What can a 100 year old brand like Nikon give to the youngsters? Nikon wanted an activating offline event so we made it.


Do you need a new profile picture? The old one has bad quality and lame? If you take your photos with Nikon camera you’ll see the difference! We showed this idea through an interesting experience based event campaign called ProfilPimp. The game was: choose a situation, some funny accessories and an exciting background so we take a perfect photo of you what you can use on social media. Campaign elemens: outdoor, blogs, Facebook application, leaflets and a promotion game with Nikon prizes.


Having fun, a lot of laughing and 3000 new profile pictures! Moreover 22 0000 like for the pics, 10 000 new followers, 55 000 You tube views, 20 654 engaged user, 1376 players, 30 happy winner.