On The Spot


On The Spot is an award-winning documentary series, digging for human stories behind the news with two cameras, without a crew, giving the films extraordinary intimacy and honesty from the revolution in Egypt to earth quakes in Japan. They wanted an exciting, authentic title sequence in 30 sec for the series.


We designed a totally unique visual brand identity for the show. The title sequence (intro) is a consistent, coherent story without saying a word: we showed the authentic atmosphere of their workroom and used visual clues like press acces, maps, photos, important notes with moving elements and shocking pictures about the two documentarist in dangerous situations. At the end of the intro the showed up in real and closed the workroom’s door. Together, all of those visual elements tell a story about their gripping lifestyle.


The filmmakers have received the Press Freedom Award in Strasbourg from the Council of Europe and the Golden Nymph for Best Documentary at the 53rd Monte Carlo TV Festival. “On The Spot: Gaza” has got the Gold Plaque at the 50th Chicago International Film Festival TV-Awards and the prize for “Best Foreign Short Documentary” at the American Documentary Film Festival in 2014. The On the sport appeared on BBC World and CNN International too. After 7 years they are still using our intro with our visual ID.