We wanted to create a content marketing activity that can position the Suzuki brand upwards among the youth and gain valuable engagements that are long lasting.


We made a video program called Band attack! with popular Hungarian band’s and a Suzuki Vitara. According to the concept the band has to attack unexpectedly an (extra)ordinary place like a retirement home, a multinational IT company or a music school’s class with a Suzuki Vitara. We have written and executed creative scripts to accompany them, making them well edited, movie-like experiences. This random concert like and attack can make a simple day unforgettable. Certainly the funny videos are shareable so the experience is for everyone. Several well knowed bands have participated during the year.

Campaign elements: videos for youtube and facebook use other social media tools: instagram and vine print pr articles.


More than 600 000 video views with dedicately low and efficiently targeted media budget. Multiple valuable shares from the musicians for their own fanbase.